Smart Home London

Smart Home London

Smart homes can be any type of build: contemporary or period, large or small, filled with modern art or antiques. They don’t even have to have the tech on show – it can all be behind the scenes. An Equippd smart home is always multifunctional and beautifully designed, and our team is experienced in creating smart homes in London that are tailored with your lifestyle and decor in mind.

Space is often at a premium, particularly if you live in a city. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the space in your home work hard for you. Whether you choose to modernise your whole house or just one room, we design and implement connected technology that seamlessly and simply transitions from one room ambience to another – truly smart home London living at its best.

At our project in Earlsfield, the living space in this apartment had to work hard. We designed a zone that would function as both a music studio and living area by installing and automating acoustically treated, movable glass panels. When the panels are closed, the space is split into a sound-proofed music studio and living room. When they’re opened up, the rooms combine to provide one entertaining area with linkable music zones and shared lighting scenes – the best of both worlds.

We don’t just work on contemporary smart homes in London – we also bring stunning period properties into the 21st century, pulling together lots of different aspects of smart technology. In Clapham Old Town, we worked with the owners from the very beginning of the build to design technology that works in harmony with the Victorian terrace’s narrow proportions and period features, preserving and enhancing its historic aesthetic. WiFi, for example, was optimised throughout by rebuilding every single electrical and data connection from scratch, future-proofed for the next five years.

We’ve also had the privilege of working on one of the brand-new apartments at Television Centre in White City – the reinvention of a London landmark into a working, living, thriving community. This seventh-floor flat shows how we can integrate cutting-edge tech into beautifully designed rooms, juxtaposing high-end contemporary technology brands with antique pieces for an eclectic, modern smart home London look.

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