A connected home that just works.

Your home really does have the capacity to evolve, becoming somewhere that’s smarter, more reliable and much more fun. But more than that, an integrated home can connect with you in amazing ways, welcome to the future.



We’re working closely with homeowners, property developers and interior designers to future-proof the next generation of housing. Integration is a process that enables audio, video, security, lighting and more to interact together in harmony; increasing usability, reliability, energy efficiency and saleability in the process.


Inherently intricate

The integrity of an automated system depends upon quality components and meticulous execution. We’re self-proclaimed perfectionists, and extremely proud of it. Attention to detail flows through everything we do, each individual cable and connection, whether hidden or visible, is designed to be a perfectly placed cog in a much larger machine. This elevated level of design is a fundamental step in every job we do.


Behind the scenes

How we build your system


Cabling is the technological backbone of your property, providing hard-wired links throughout your home that can be used to send and receive lots of different types of information.


Situating networking and entertainment services in a self-contained and serviceable ‘hub’ allows us to remove unsightly ‘black boxes’ and cabling from your living room, whilst still offering flawless control over the devices.


With the correct infrastructure in place and centralised services, Ultra-HD video, multiroom audio, lighting control and more can be distributed and controlled with ease.

Whole home control, single app

Audio Visual

Choose your room, select what you want to watch or listen to and sit back and enjoy your entertainment, at the touch of a button.


View live camera feeds, lockup remotely or speak with someone at the gate. We can help keep your home within reach, wherever you are in the world.

Lighting & Climate

Discover the wonders of intelligent lighting and smart climate control, drastically improving your home’s energy efficiency in the process.