HOW WE CREATE YOUR MODERN HOME Pulling together the design, technology and installation needed to create a modern home can be overwhelming. We’re here to talk you through the myriad brands, products and options on offer in plain language to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for – then make your dream home a reality.
  • Let’s discuss your ideal home You describe your vision for your home; we suggest how we can bring that concept to life. We then use your architectural plans to put together a free technology proposal that shows options, features and pricing. Learn More
  • Get In Touch
    Request a callback within 24 hours or click here to start your home. Start your home
    It’s all about you
    You’re in charge of your modern home. We design a level of control and finish to suit your daily life and decor. See what we do
    Action Plan
    Fusing your vision with our expertise, we create a detailed proposal, breaking down how our tech can enhance your lifestyle. View an example
  • From ideas to concept We take your vision, infuse it with our tech magic and develop a detailed 3D model of your new modern home. Our people collaborate with the other specialists working on the project to ensure the technology is integrated correctly and complements the entire house. Learn More
  • Design by Equippd
    We pre-plan everything – from the bolts that hold the TV to the wall to the software required to calibrate your cinema system – so the tech slides seamlessly into place. See our design work
    Communication and collaboration
    From interior designers and architects to developers, electricians and plumbers, we work with all key partners to ensure our products match the decor and mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are properly designed and installed. Partnership Questions?
    Envisage your home
    Experience how the space really looks and feels as we show you around a 3D model and a virtual reality flythrough of your home. Visualise it
  • Futureproof your home We plan ahead at Equippd, staying on top of trends and innovating to make sure your home stays technologically relevant for decades to come. Learn More
  • Cabling for the future
    Technology develops at lightning speed but our powerful infrastructure and network systems are ready for tomorrow’s upgrades. We install cutting-edge fibre-optics, super-fast broadband and 5G-ready cabling to avoid the hassle and expense of retrofitting years down the line into place. Read more
    It’s all in the detail
    When it comes to cable installation, your electrician will love our easy-to-follow Structured Cable Drawings, which provide all the necessary details for future changes or upgrades. See an example
    Hide wires to connect later
    You might not want a TV in your children’s room now, but what about in a few years’ time? We install custom-made hidden TV plates that conceal the cabling within the wall, ready for connection later. Learn more
  • Programmed for perfection Your technology hub, which controls every aspect of your home’s environment, entertainment and security, is carefully built, meticulously programmed and rigorously tested to ensure everything works perfectly before being delivered to your home. Learn More
  • Hub construction
    We create your home’s ‘brain’ at our workshop. This immensely powerful nerve centre, housed in a rack concealed in a discreet location in your home, brings together every technological aspect throughout your space.
    See our 'Hubs'
    System programming
    All our smart home systems are programmed by humans, for humans, so every aspect of the technology chimes in harmony with your lifestyle, needs and day-to-day routines.
    See our technology
    Ready for delivery
    Once fully built, tested and ready for action, we carefully package up the rack to be shipped to your home.
    See our projects
  • Let’s bring your home to life We will settle the hub in and install everything it controls. Your environment, entertainment and security will be tailored to reflect your daily rhythms and integrated so all systems can all be operated from one single app. Learn More
  • On-site installation
    It’s time to build in all the equipment you will need in your home, from TVs to touchscreens. Meet the team
    The personal touch
    We customise the system to perfectly suit your lifestyle, whether that’s creating a ‘good morning’ lighting scene in the kitchen or fine tuning the acoustics in your
    audio room.
    Contact us
    Holistic system integration
    Through our collaborations and partnerships with the best technology brands, we integrate all parts of your home to operate efficiently, effectively and effortlessly as one from a touchscreen or even your voice. Discover control
  • It’s showtime Let’s get to know your new modern home. We perform a final test before showing you how to control everything at the touch of a button or by saying one simple phrase. Learn More
  • All systems go
    We check every individual part of the system to make sure it operates perfectly as a whole.
    Let’s do iT
    This will be a simple learning experience as we demonstrate everything from music and TV to lighting and climate control, and answer your questions.
    You’re in control
    Have a play: test the tech and we will tweak if necessary.
  • Need some help? We can provide support wherever you are, whenever you need us. Superior design and the finest equipment means we can make instant changes, tweaks and updates remotely, so you can get on with your life. Learn More
  • Free assistance
    Our technology is so good that we’ll give you a full year’s support absolutely free. Everything from equipment to programming is covered, and we’ll even throw in a full technology service.
    Remote back-up
    Your modern home features instant remote support with real-time monitoring, so we often know about – and update – potential fixes before you’ve even noticed them.
    Equippd support packs
    For ongoing help, choose one of three personalised support packs. With varying degrees of assistance and incentives, they include free call-outs, instant updates and discounts on the latest technology.