Our Story

Equippd is shaking up home technology, bringing the spheres of design and technology together in perfect harmony to create stylish and intelligent homes for truly modern lives.

In 2013, brothers and founders Charlie and Matthew saw how technology was continually viewed as complicated, messy, unattractive and unattainable. Through extensive research and testing, and establishing key partnerships with some of the very best in residential design, Equippd began weaving technology into the fabric of people’s lives.

Today, Equippd helps homeowners, architects and designers bring technology into their projects with a design-led approach that puts exceptional experience first. Its talented team of designers, engineers and programmers work across the UK, taking projects from inception to completion and beyond.

Our Mission By bringing technology and design together, we want to inspire, improve and innovate our clients’ lives, redefining the limits of how technology can connect and protect us and positively impact the environment.

Who we are

Charlie McCourt Co-founder Charlie began his career by founding Equippd in 2013, pursuing a passion for technology and a belief in the positive impact it can have on residential sustainability and design.

Career highlights include being featured in the Telegraph Magazine in 2019 talking about immersive media spaces and partnering with homelessness charity Crisis in 2018 to design and deliver a 40-person pop-up cinema for guests to enjoy over the festive period.

He currently heads up Equippd's strategic and business development, exploring new opportunities and forging partnerships with the very best in the residential technology and design.
Matthew McCourt Co-founder The solid foundations of Equippd are built on Matthew’s knowledge drawn from his wealth of experience in professional stage sound, lighting and music production.

He also spent more than a decade in the world of high-end motorsport, working with some of the UK's most technologically advanced teams such as McLaren and Lotus, tackling complex engineering challenges with laser-sharp focus. This grounding in technological innovation means Matthew is primed to lead and deliver all Equippd's projects, ensuring that the high-quality levels he has established are reproduced.
Terence Pillay Junior Project Manager Terence joined Equippd in 2019, bringing with him a wealth of AV and smart home technology experience. As a Junior Project Manager, his role is to merge clients' dreams with Equippd's beautiful design, leading by example to make them a reality. Terence is leading many of Equippd's projects and delivering exceptional results for our clients.
Felicity Haythorn Digital and Communications Manager Felicity is passionate about telling Equippd's story on social media and through Equippd’s journal and newsletter. She has worked closely with Charlie and Matthew to raise brand awareness, enhancing engagement with a growing audience and consulting on defining the evolving Equippd brand. She is a freelance copywriter, editor and content creator, with a background in magazine journalism.
Oliver Trigg System Designer Oliver is responsible for many of the technical drawings and documentation that make Equippd’s projects tick. Since joining the company in 2019 he has worked closely with all members of the team to elevate Equippd's design offering as the business evolves. Oliver came to the shiny world of technology from the petrochemical industry, where he spent several years as a designer/draughtsman.
Alexander Clark Brand Designer Alexander has worked with Equippd since early 2019, helping overhaul Equippd’s visual image and design to what it is now. He graduated in 2017 from Brunel University with a degree in product design and since then has freelanced in graphic design and branding. He helps create strong brand identities and has worked with several established UK brands across all sectors to build and design engaging brand communications. Now Alexander works with Charlie and Matthew to support the marketing and communication needs of the business while offering creative-based insights.
Karl Smith journal editor Karl Smith is a writer, editor, creative director and strategist from London. He was previously editorial lead for HYPEBEAST, covering the EMEA region, and has worked across culture journalism for over a decade.

Focusing on the intersection of tech, culture and design, Karl writes and edits content for the new Equippd journal.
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